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Decision Modelling: Understanding, Involving and Improving

Decision Modelling improves processes, and reduces risk and cost

At Ideas into Action we believe in gaining an in-depth understanding of a process and its problems. Working with the team to thoroughly understand the process, the way it works, and what’s wrong with it, is the key to improvement.

Process mapping is great for making a process visible showing all its twists and turns. It is an excellent way for showing the complexity in a process and where the delays occur. However process maps are not very good at showing how the decisions in the process work, and this is where Decision Modelling comes in. Decision modelling is an adjunct to process mapping and allows the decision criteria to be identified and analysed in a structured manner.

The decision points in a process are usually the costliest steps, the riskiest, and where the most delays happen. Thus it is vitally important to study the decisions in more detail than can be done with a process map alone. Decision modelling provides a framework for the process team to examine how the decision works with the aim of reducing the cost, risk and time taken.

Simplify the decisions in the process and you simplify the whole process – reducing the time it takes; its cost; and its risk. Decision modelling is also a useful training exercise for the process team, allowing them understand how the key steps in the process should work, and how to deal with difficult or unusual presenting situations.

Working with the people in the process – the experts – is particularly important. This requires communication, empowerment and trust. Our approach to Decision Modelling is a great way to get employees involved and participating in examining the decisions made in a process and identifying improvements to reduce cost, risk and the time the process takes.

Ideas into Action will help you develop a fully participative and involved team, focussed on improvement. We will help build a team motivated to take responsibility for the success of their process, and encouraged to grow personally.

Ideas into Action Decision Modelling: Understanding, Involving and Improving will help answer many of the questions which managers pose:

  • Why does this process take so long?
  • What decisions are made in the process?
  • Why have the decisions in the process become so complicated?
  • What causes delays and rework?
  • How do I get my employees to become more involved and take ownership of their work?
  • How can we all work together to better service internal and external customers?
  • How can we embed and sustain change?
  • How can I lead by example?

We all love to learn, and by learning we work together better and improve our work. Decision Modelling provides a structured framework to drive understanding, involvement and improvement, whilst reducing process cost and risk.

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