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What We Do

Our core services focus on five areas:

  • Financial Services. Lean management and process improvement support to global banks including RBS, HBOS, Lloyds and Deutsche Bank. Main areas of work include developing a lean quality management system with acceptance quality level (AQL) sampling; process mapping; demand forecasting; and the development of quality control and workflow tools for a massive PPI process; and coaching lean improvement teams. I am also a trained European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) assessor;
  • Lean Finance. Supporting organisations to implement lean finance practices delivering training courses and facilitating improvement projects in Europe and further afield.  Recent projects include a “lean” process for transfer pricing and lean management reports for clients including Thermofisher Scientific, Rolls Royce, Parker Hannifin, Boeing, Boeing Aerostructures Australia, and Watlow Electric;
  • Public Sector. Extensive work in the NHS including supporting the development process maps, estimating throughput and capacity, and software simulation to meet new regulations for endoscope decontamination; and modelling and improving the flow of surgical instruments through a centralised sterilisation unit. Clear leadership and a collaborative approach are the keys to lean in service environments;
  • Process Simulation. We use the “Simul8” process simulation software, in conjunction with “TimerPro” process timing software, to build simulations of business processes as part of improvement activity and to test scenarios. These simulations are used to help clients understand their processes and Value Streams; to identify constraints and areas for improvement; and for staff training. Process simulation activity often follows on from Value Stream Mapping to provide an even more detailed understanding of process flow and the impact of variation. It may also form part of a BPM or  workflow implementation. We offer training in Process Improvement and Practical Problem Solving;
  • Lean Awareness for Finance Teams: Our flagship course will introduce your finance team to the key principles of lean improvement, will introduce them to the tools required, and, through structured exercises, will start them on the path to improving some of your core finance processes.

We provide innovative and creative approaches to business process improvement, training, and process modelling. We will help you prepare a plan for implementation that will boost performance by greatly enhancing the skills and behaviours of the organisation’s employees; and by uniting teams behind the achievement of improvement goals.

Our Experience

We have over 20 years experience in helping organisations realise the benefits of better planning, more effective communication and improved motivation through structured process improvement. What we do will depend on your organisation, its people and its circumstances, but you can be assured of a friendly and prompt response and an efficient “can-do” attitude. A friendly, no-obligation discussion would be an interesting starting point wouldn’t it?

Our Services

Find out more about how we help improve business processes.

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