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Statistical Process Control for Beginners


At its heart, Statistical Process Control (SPC) is about understanding how business data behaves, and analysing that behaviour in order to drive improvement. All business processes vary in their performance and this course provides simple and practical tools to understand that variation, monitor performance and drive improvement.

The course covers the nature of variation in business processes, Control Charts and Process Behaviour Charts with plenty of worked examples and exercises. We also examine the impact of process behaviour on costs.

No statistical knowledge is required for this course. In fact, the only mathematics required is understanding of the mean and median, and the ability to plot a simple line graph.

Who Should Attend?

“Statistical Process Control for Beginners” is for anyone, with little or no previous knowledge, who wants a straightforward and practically focussed introduction to SPC and business data. The course provides an accessible and informal introduction to understanding the behaviour of business data and is suitable for employees at all levels of the organisation.

The only mathematics used is the mean and median; and no particular abilities in maths or statistics are required.

The course will provide delegates with the core skills they need to monitor business performance, highlight the real issues affecting the performance of a process, and focus improvement plans accordingly. It will also highlight the relationship between business performance and cost management, providing a baseline for cost reduction plans.

Course Content

Topics covered include:

  • What is Statistical Process Control? (SPC)
  • Understanding Variation
  • The Control Chart
  • Control Chart Exercise
  • The Process Behaviour Chart
  • Process Behaviour Chart Exercises
  • Special Cause and Common Cause Variation
  • Driving Improvement with SPC
  • Process Improvement Exercise
  • Process Behaviour and Cost Management

The programme is presented by Ross Maynard, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Ross has provided training to some of the world’s leading companies including Boeing, Rolls Royce, Thermofisher Scientific, Parker Hannifin and many others.

Benefits to you and Your Organisation

This course provides a thought-provoking introduction to business data and performance improvement. The course will help you understand that all business processes vary naturally, and it will help you develop improvement plans that focus on the facts, rather than on guesses.