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May 11, 2016

Financial and Process Modelling

At Ideas into Action, we combine financial modelling experience with process modelling, as well as excellent facilitation and communication skills.

In terms of financial modelling, we have provided management information and data analysis support for the PPI senior management team in a major bank. For the same bank we also developed two spreadsheet based quality checking tools (one for cards PPI and one for loans PPI) to be used by staff to ensure that their work was accurate and remove the need for additional quality checks later in the process. This removed 3 to 5 days of lead time from the PPI process.

Additionally, we have previous modelling experience on PPP projects, cashflow forecasts, scenario analysis and feasibility studies.

Much of our work has been in process modelling and improvement. We have facilitated group improvement activities and provided lean awareness training for many years, particularly with finance teams.We supported process improvement projects with many other organsations including Lloyds Banking Group, RBS, Deutsche Bank, Thermofisher Scientific, Parker Hannifin, Watlow Electric, Boeing, Rolls Royce and numerous others.

Additionally, we have worked on NHS projects providing process mapping and process simulation support – using the Simul8 software. Process simulation is a detailed process which provides an invaluable insight into how a process works (or might work for a “to be” process) and the unexpected impacts and consequences that might arise.

Financial modelling provides sensitivity analysis of the potential impacts of cost, revenue or timing changes on a business unit. Process modelling provides sensitivity analysis of the impact of changes in demand, and workflow on an organisational operation.

Modelling the decisions required in the process is also important as these are a significant source of complexity and delay, but also provide important scope for streamlining and simplification.

We work with the ARIS process architecture software for structuring and mapping processes across an organisation, using EPC (Event Process Chain) notation.

Thus we offer very strong analytical skills and 25 years experience of data modelling, process mapping and simulation, scenario planning, and process improvement. However,our core skill set lies in dealing with people. We have an humorous easy-going non-judgmental approach which works well facilitating teams at all levels of an organisation from nurses, to engineers, to accountants, to shopfloor operatives. It has also worked well in Italy, France, Germany, Australia, and the United States. Our aim always is to facilitate the team to develop change plans which they own, rather than are imposed on them.

We have worked with organisations of all sizes, from small businesses to major multi-nationals, including public sector and private sector clients.

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