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December 7, 2016

Lean is a People Process

Lean is a philosophy – a collaborative approach where management and staff work together, on equal terms, to identify and eliminate business problems and increase customer satisfaction. It is a mindset which seeks to create a culture of continuous improvement. Lean might be described as a management system that highlights problems, coupled with a human
October 5, 2016

Tips to Prevent Fraud

The risk of fraud in business has always been present but the rise of the power of the internet has made it easier to commit. There is plenty of fraud-prevention advice available on the internet – see, for example, the “Fraud Risk Management Guide”, CIMA 2009, available free from Here are a few key
September 19, 2016

The Fair Work Framework – Guidance for Business

With its publication of Scotland’s Labour Market Strategy, the Scottish Government is trying to create a “fair work” economy – where business development and growth goes hand-in-hand with development and growth for all of Scotland’s people. The vision of Scotland’s Labour Market Strategy is a growing economy “where fair work is central to improving the
September 15, 2016

Scotland’s Labour Market Strategy

Scotland’s Labour Market Strategy Scotland’s Labour Market Strategy was published in August 2016 by the Scottish Government. Its aim is a vibrant, fair and inclusive labour market. The strategy argues that countries with more equal societies typically enjoy stronger, more sustainable, growth over the long run. The focus of the strategy is on creating more
September 4, 2016

Steps in Service Process Improvement

I believe that everyone wants to do a good job at work. It’s just that poor processes and unimaginative management get in the way. Companies are often reluctant to pay attractive salaries for front-line staff and try to counter this by “scripting” everything that the staff do. This is particularly true of call-centres, but applies
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