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November 13, 2012

Big Data Analytics

“Big Data” may sound like a character from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” after a particularly large lunch, but, in fact, it is a new and rapidly expanding business market.   Big data is defined as “datasets whose size is beyond the ability of typical database software tools to capture, store, manage and analyse” (MacKinsey
October 24, 2012

20 Tips for Process Improvement

I offer these 20 tips for process improvement as a straightforward checklist of some of the key issues. Feel free to add more.   1: Know your process: work with the team to map and analyse your critical service processes.   2: Get to know the team: they know what the issues are.   3:
October 10, 2012

Making a Start with Lean. How to begin improving your business processes

Very few books that I am aware of give a clear, simple “how to get started with lean” guide, so here is my starter for ten:    1       Understand your business processes The key starting point to lean is to understand your business processes. It sounds simple but, with a good cross-functional team, ask who
September 25, 2012

Lean Decision Making: It’s not all about cost

Suppose you are in charge of a business process. You need to decide whether to out-source a component you currently manufacture, or to keep it in-house. Or, perhaps, you are considering whether you should accept a “one-off” order at a price well below your current list price. These, and many similar decisions, are too important
August 18, 2012

Generate some Cash from Stock

I present here a simple technique for analysing your business’ inventory holding and identifying stock holdings that might be liquidated or reduced. It is a technique I learned from some Italian consultants which I have simplified a little to write this blog. The analysis should only take a couple of hours – turning surplus stock
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