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June 10, 2011

Issues in Lean Banking

Banks of all sizes face a number of issues which are damaging their performance, but which, also, present great opportunities for improvement. I suggest that these issues fall into three broad groups: 1)           Insufficient focus on customer value. This is particularly true of bank branches and other retail operations where complex administrative procedures, with much
April 2, 2011

Transfer Pricing in Lean Accounting

Setting a transfer price is one of the most difficult operations that lean accounting faces because accountants sometimes assert that they need a standard cost for tax and customs purposes. In fact standard cost is no more acceptable than any other form of cost to the tax authorities, who are seeking proof that the transfer
February 24, 2011

Lean Accounting and Throughput Accounting

I am often asked what the difference is between Lean Accounting and Throughput Accounting. “Not a huge amount”, is the answer. Both Lean Accounting and Throughput Accounting seek to align costs with the flow through a Value Stream or process. Lean accounting and Throughput Accounting, therefore, both fall under the heading “flow accounting”, whereas traditional
January 13, 2011

Are Rewards and Incentives Lean ?

Is the widespread business practice of incentives, merit awards, and other rewards desirable in a lean organisation ? This is an important question. After all, anorganisation’s reward policies are often an important element in its culture.   It is a question that Alfie Kohn addresses in his book “Punished by Rewards” (many thanks to group
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