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May 14, 2010

Review of “5S in 90 Minutes” by Andrew Scotchmer

5S lies at the heart of lean and, yet, there are only three books dedicated to the subject on Amazon. Perhaps that is because it is more of a practical than a intellectual skill. Nonetheless, 5S provides an excellent grounding for building a team that can progress to lean improvement. 5S provides the discipline to identify and map flow, calculate takt time, define metrics and standard work, and understand capacity. “5S in 90 Minutes” is the best of the books I have read on 5S, setting the topic in the broader lean context and providing some really good insights into the purpose of 5S. I spent much more than 90 minutes on it and the book deserves that attention. The  book could have some more templates or checklists to aid the process, but overall this is the best book on 5S I’ve seen.