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May 31, 2010

Value Stream Mapping

With many books and resources on the subject, some expounding complex symbols and definitions, Value Stream Mapping can seem difficult and offputting. In fact it is straightforward and the best way to get started is with simple “Post It” (TM) notes. There are some good “how-to” videos on YouTube. Here are my favourites:    
May 24, 2010

Get Dirty with the Data 3: Measures of Flow and Waste

In my previous blog – Get Dirty with the Data 2 – I noted that cost is a lagging indicator – the outcome of a business process. The performance of that process is what drives its costs, so we need good measures of the effectiveness of the process and those factors which increase cost but
May 14, 2010

Review of “5S in 90 Minutes” by Andrew Scotchmer

5S lies at the heart of lean and, yet, there are only three books dedicated to the subject on Amazon. Perhaps that is because it is more of a practical than a intellectual skill. Nonetheless, 5S provides an excellent grounding for building a team that can progress to lean improvement. 5S provides the discipline to
May 1, 2010

5S in Glasgow

Hugh Brawley and I ran a 5S event this week in Glasgow. In two days we turned a shambolic production area into something much tidier and more organised – filling three skips in the process. At first, the 5S team in this long established business found it hard to get to grips with the concept