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February 15, 2010

Improving the Month-End Close Process

Our client, headquartered in New England, has expanded rapidly in recent years through mergers and acquisition. This resulted in significant system integration problems to the point which year-end financial statements literally took months to close – causing much consternation to shareholders and debt-holders.   The management team identified the pressing need to be able to
February 5, 2010

Improving Finance Processes

There are no accounting transactions that actually add value for your customers. No customer would be willing to pay for purchase order matching, or works order processing, or inventory tracking through your business. These transactions have arisen over 75 years as “standard” methods of financial control. Auditors live trawling through transactions (it’s easy money) and
February 1, 2010

Get Dirty with the Data 2: The Need for Good Measures

Let us be clear, in all business operations it is performance that drives cost, not the other way round. To make effective business decisions we must seek first to understand performance and how it drives cost.   Cost is a lagging indicator – the outcome of the operation of a process – not a leading