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September 25, 2009

The Heart of Lean Service

There are quite a number of books and other resources available on lean service, but I’m not sure they make it clear what are the key issues you need to get to grips with in lean service. Similarly training in lean tools won’t necessarily enlighten you on the key concepts. Here are my thoughts on
September 24, 2009

Get Dirty with the Data

A few months ago, I gave a public seminar on lean accounting to a large group of accountants and accountancy students. I was keen to stress the importance of accountants getting into the work areas to help operational staff understand and work with financial data. After the presentation, a student came up to me and
September 4, 2009

What is Lean Accounting ?

Lean accounting helps organisations going through lean transformation to develop their management accounting systems to support the lean philosophy. We have about a dozen clients in Europe transforming their accounting systems. Traditional accounting systems (particularly standard costing) result in decisions which are anti-lean. There are plenty of resources for you to look at. Our websites
September 2, 2009

Transfer Pricing and Lean Accounting

One of the commonest queries I get during lean accounting implementations is “what does lean accounting say about transfer pricing ?”. To be honest the answer is “not very much !”. The decision about transfer prices is not really anything to do with your costing system; it is a political decision.   Transfer pricing is
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