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Ideas into Action

Our promise is that we are easy to work with, and very good at getting the best out of the groups and individuals we work with.

We help people improve processes.

If you need a process-improvement specialist, please contact us to discuss your problem.


Do your people, or your customers, hate your business processes?

Do your processes take too long to go from start to finish?

Do your workflows cross too many departments; or are plagued by delays and hold-ups?

Are your business processes typified by too much paperwork; too many spreadsheets; and too much manual keying?

Do your processes cost too much to run; or create too many problems and errors?


If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then you have a problem. All processes degenerate over time as people change jobs, teams are restructured, and new reports and checks are added. Every business process needs to be refreshed from time to time (we suggest every five years).

That is what we do. We help people improve their processes. We recognise that the people best placed to improve a process are those who work in it. What we provide is the facilitation expertise and the toolkit to help get the best out of them – the best ideas; the clearest picture of the causes of problems; the best “quick wins”; and the most appropriate solutions for the business.

Facilitating a team is not easy. It requires skill and expertise to get everyone to open up and work together as a team to make things better for everyone. We have that expertise, and we have a toolkit of simple, but effective, techniques that help the people working the process explore its problems – process mapping, problem statement, stakeholder analysis, Ishikawa examination, driver diagramming, and more.


We are Ideas2Action Process Excellent Ltd and we help people improve processes. As I said earlier, we are very good at getting the best out of the people and groups we work with. Give us a try and you’ll see!

Please explore this site to discover our process improvement services, courses, and our writings, or Contact Us for more information.

Our Company

Ideas into Action was founded in 1997 by Ross Maynard. Ross is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants with over 20 years experience in organisational development with organisations of all sizes. The business is incorporated as Ideas2Action Process Excellence Ltd, registration number SC523801.

We specialise in process analysis and improvement and lean finance, offering training, consultancy and facilitation of process improvement teams.

Ross is author of “Successful Business Growth” published by Hodder and Stoughton, in 1998; as well as many published articles on business improvement and lean management. Ross is an NLP Master Practitioner.

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