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An Introduction to Process Improvement


“Lean” is a human system, rather than a set of tools, and the gateway to success in lean is developing managers and employees to truly understand lean; be able to use lean tools; and to work together to improve processes.

At the same time, lean transformation is a very empowering and energising route to take. Involve everyone and be open, and you will realise benefits. Lean is about changing the behaviour of leaders from command and control to teamworking; from firefighting to committing quality time to regular improvement activities; from management by memo and e-mail to working with the team every day; from spreadsheets and finance reports to gathering real data in real time in the work area.

Who Should Attend?

Our “Getting Started with Process Improvement” course provides a straightforward introduction to the philosophy of lean and its implementation in service organisations. The course will be of most benefit to a project team who want to work on a specific area of improvement throughout the sessions: the elements of the programme build together to deliver a clear improvement plan including analysis of the problem and development of potential solutions.

Course Content

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of the Lean philosophy
  • Lean simulation
  • Understanding the Problem: What does the Customer value?
  • Understanding the Problem: Problem Statement – Goal Statement
  • What does Good look Like?
  • Understanding the Process: Value Stream Mapping
  • Understanding Risk in the Process (FMEA)
  • Performance Measurement and Visual Management
  • Creative Ways of Understanding and Solving Process Problems
  • Developing a Lean Implementation Plan

The course lasts one or two day depending on client requirements. The course is delivered by Ross Maynard, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Ross is highly experienced in the field of process improvement and lean finance.